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Welcome to the Roboquest Wiki!

Welcome to the Roboquest Wiki, the place where you can find anything and everything you want to know about this game!

Roboquest is a fast-paced FPS roguelite set in a desolate future where humans are nearly eradicated and robots roam the Earth. You play as a Guardian on a quest to help one of the last remaining humans and your friend, Max, to uncover the truth of what happened to humanity.

This wiki is currently under development by a few people so if you're willing to contribute to this project please message me! Discord: frozenpheonix

Here is the list of planned and/or work-in-progress pages: Pages for each individual weapon, shovel/digging, grading system, individual classes (wip), individual bosses, eventually down the road: mechanics like health, damage, statuses, crits, procs, etc


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